Learning Journal

Learning Journal Main Page.
Image 1.0.9: Learning Journal Main Page.

Simple blog type website created from scratch using only HTML5and CSS3. It is responsive and has three pages:


It is impossible to create a website if you know nothing about what a tag or an attribute means. The best introductory book which I found was HTML & CSS - Design and Build Web Sites . I really encourage to read this one to everyone who just started creating websites. Another good resource was Learning Responsive Web Design - A Beginner's Guide which explained about RWD. And HTML Doctor website helped me understand semantic meaning between different HTML5 elements.

Equipped with this power knowledge I manage to make first web page. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the results, because it looked off. Did little bit research and found that the missing piece was a lack of design principles. Bad font choice, loads of colours created visually repulsive look. Typography for Lawyers and 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People - What Makes Them Tick? improved that considerably.

Later on I finished project with a Guide (Learning Journal) which used entirely different stylesheet.

Learning Journal Guide Page.
Image 1.1.0: Learning Journal Guide Page.

Fully working project can be found via Learning Journal (GitHub) .