Aliquam - Jekyll Theme.
Image 1.1.1: Aliquam - Jekyll Theme.

Minimalistic, blog-aware Jekyll theme. It can be used to host your blog on GitHub for free. Just fork it from Aliquam (GitHub) , change aliquam repository name to and access it through

Why Jekyll?

To make a blog, you do not need to have deep knowledge about HTML or CSS. Just create account with WordPress or Blogger . Choose from thousandths of templates and start to blog. But this simplicity comes with a price.

First of all it is hard to find a template which would fit your requirements 100%. Second, you get thousandths lines of code with features which in most cases are unnecessary. On the other hand, if you would like to add a feature you have to install plugins, which are not optimized and slows down your website. Third, if you want to change something manually, you will spend hours on breaking and fixing. In the end I realized that using this kind of CMS is not an option for me.

GitHub provides full support for static CMS - Jekyll which is easy to learn, supports Liquid template engine for organizing HTML files, SASS for organizing CSS, Markdown for writhing posts and Rogue syntax highlighter.